Arnica Flower (Arnica montana) Organic CO2 Extract

  • Arnica Flower (Arnica montana) Organic CO2 Extract

Arnica Flower (Arnica montana) Organic CO2 Extract

This Arnica flower CO2 extract is a top notch therapeutic botanical ingredient, great for sports massage, injury recovery, muscle pain and arthritis. Arnica is a natural remedy that has been used for ages to alleviate pain and inflammation. Often used to treat skin conditions like bruises and swelling in addition to easing arthritic symptoms and increasing circulation, Arnica can be used topically as an ointment or salve on unbroken skin. PROPER DILUTION IS REQUIRED.

Arnica has grown to be one of the most popular natural remedies in the world. It is so effective, Arnica has become a trusted ally in pain relief and speeding up recovery times for professional athletes . Even cosmetic surgeons are recommending Arnica for post procedure care.

A perennial herb growing in Europe and the U.S., Arnica flowers are a concentrated source of Sesquiterpene lactones, the active constituents in arnica. Sesquiterpene lactones help to protect the body with anti-inflammatory and immunostimulatory properties. Arnica flower extracts have found good efficacy in the treatment of rheumatic and osteoarthritic conditions. Research shows that Arnica has promising results in chronic and age-related disease.

If you are unfamiliar with making dilutions or working with thicker plant extracts. This Organic CO2 extracted Arnica flower is jelly like, semi solid and must be diluted into carrier oil before use. Gently warm both materials before blending. Use in very low dilutions of less than 0.5 to 1%. PROPER DILUTION IS REQUIRED

Botanical Name: Arnica montana
Aroma: gently herbaceous, sweet tealike
Country of Origin: Germany
Plant Parts: Flowers
Cultivation Method: Organic
Method of Extraction: CO2 Extract
Blends Well With: ´╗┐Helichrysum, Lavender, Chamomile, Juniper, Sweet Birch