Osha Root (Ligusticum porteri) Tincture

  • Osha Root (Ligusticum porteri) Tincture

Osha Root (Ligusticum porteri) Tincture


A one of a kind Osha Root Tincture 20% for use as herbal medicine (seek advice of a professional if you are not familiar with its use) and perfumery applications. Our Osha Root tincture is highly aromatic and wonderfully pleasant.

Osha root is considered one of the best American herbs for the lungs and throat. It's very anti-viral and an extremely invigorating plant medicine. Osha also has an immense history of protection. It has been used as a purifying incense, to guard against harmful pathogens, as well as negative forces.

Osha root, Empress of the Dark Forest, is a sacred herb to many native American tribes. Osha is a perennial herb, and member of the carrot and parsley family, growing wildly in the higher altitudes of the Rocky Mountains and other mountainous areas. This wonderful root is also known as bear medicine, bear root, Colorado cough root, Indian root, Indian parsley, mountain ginseng. It is well know and studied that bears would eat the roots and rub some of them over its fur after waking from long hibernation.

The root and rhizomes have long been used for herbal remedies. In addition to its healing uses, Osha was combined with certain herbs as a flavor component and to add fragrance to soaps and cosmetics.

Tinctures are special plant extractions that are used in medical preparations and as bases in perfume and fragrance formulations. Tinctures present natural perfumers the opportunity to produce highly original botanical perfumes by expanding the natural scent palette with unusual essences like strawberry, resins, lapsang souchong tea and more. Many tinctures contain plant starches and sugars that can slow the evaporation of more delicate aroma molecules, giving them important fixative qualities that are highly sought after by natural perfumers. Shop our collection of tinctures here!

Botanical Latin Name: Ligusticum porteri
Aroma: earthy strong, green vegetal, earthy roots
Country of Origin: USA
Cultivation Method: Wild
Method of Extraction: Tincture : 50:50 organic grape alcohol.