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Pink Lotus Perfume Oil

  • Pink Lotus Perfume Oil Natural Parfum Fine Fragrance Roll On Rising Sun Botanicals

Pink Lotus Perfume Oil


Pink Lotus Perfume Roll On ~ 100% Natural Ingredients

Sacred Flower of Enlightenment
Beckon the Mind to Stillness and Clarity

*Radiant White Floral and Light Citrus

*Honeyed Lotus and Ripe Fruits

*Creamy Sandalwood Heartwood Santalum Album

Roll onto wrists and pulse points and sweep through the hair. Made with love, organic jojoba and all natural botanical essences!

Our fine fragrances are bottled into beautiful Swiss-manufactured Miron violet glass. Miron glass is designed to be highly durable and protective of its contents. These violet glass bottles have an elegant glass roller ball applicator for seamless application and a tight screw cap. They are re-usable and you can easily add more jojoba to extend your fragrance.
These Roll On Fragrances are created to be shared as an olfactory experience. All natural fragrances evolve on the skin, subtly changing over time and eventually dissipating just like the scent of fresh flowers.  Reapply as desired.