Vanilla, Bourbon (Vanilla planifolia) Organic CO2 Extract

  • Vanilla, Bourbon (Vanilla planifolia) Organic CO2 Extract

Vanilla, Bourbon (Vanilla planifolia) Organic CO2 Extract


Our new Certified Organic Vanilla CO2 is produced from the bold and succulent bourbon variety of vanilla beans considered the gold standard in the flavor and natural fragrance industry. It has been a long wait for this! We are happy to offer sizes from 1 gram up to 1 kilogram (1000 grams!) A little bit goes a long way, 1 gram may be plenty for personal use! NEW and freshly processed, so fresh! 10+ year shelf life.

Vanilla is one of the most adored base note fixatives in perfumery. The aroma of this Vanilla CO2 is decadent, creamy and sweet with hints of spice. Not overly sweet, perfectly balanced! Vanilla is widely sought after for it's unsurpassed calming and aphrodisiac qualities. This rich Vanilla CO2 extract is a very special full spectrum extract composed of the vanilla bean's essential oils, waxes and vanilla lipids brimming with top notes, medium notes AND base notes - great for perfumery!

Try in lip balms, skincare, serums, aromatherapy blends, perfumery, and other delectable self care and cosmetic creations! Great in candles soaps and more. You will find less is needed compared to other Vanilla CO2 extracts. 5 gram, 15 grams, 30 grams and 100 gram options are packaged in a super protective Miron violet glass jar. Sizes larger than 100 grams are available contact us if you have any questions.

Our new certified organic vanilla is a product of Uganda / Germany / USA. It is some of the best we have ever had! It is fair trade certified as well. Uganda is becoming the premier vanilla growing location for gourmet bourbon type vanilla beans. We work with a small family farm that follows strict quality controls. Fair-trade certified. The location in which it is grown is pristine, lush, and absolutely gorgeous! The Vanilla beans are cared for until maturity and carefully cured. The beans are then inspected and tested for any contaminants, mold, etc. The beans are then shipped to Germany where they are once again tested for purity and then skillfully CO2 extracted. The farm, beans and finished CO2 extraction is certified organic. Certificate of analysis available with any size order.

  • Botanical Latin Name: Vanilla planifolia
  • Country of Origin: Uganda
  • Cultivation: Organic
  • Extraction Method: Co2 Total Extract
  • Plant Part: Beans/Pods
  • Aroma: Deep, sweet vanilla bean

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