After Sun Skincare Recipe with Sea Buckthorn Berry

Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil has traditionally been used to promote the healing of wounds in addition to its analgesic effect making it a great choice for aftersun skin care and burns. The skin beneficial constituents in our Sea Buckthorn Berry Extract include carotenoid, tocopherols, sterols and a notably high content of unsaturated fatty acids.

Our Seabuckthorn Extract contains 38% Palmitoleic acid, a rarely occurring fatty acid in plants and component of our skin fat which stimulates the regenerative process of the epidermis and promotes wound healing. Beyond helping to activate skin regeneration and minimizing scars, other unsaturated fatty acids contained within the extract can help retain moisture in the skin.

Derived from organic cultivated berries using supercritical CO2 extraction, this Sea Buckthorn Extract is a pure potent bright orange oil, just like the berry! It posseses the beautiful aroma of sea buckthorn berries picked at the peak of ripeness. Remember to properly dilute and use with care because the rich red orange color of this concentrated extract has the potential to stain clothing or linens.

Particularly useful for cosmetics, skincare, anti-aging formulas, soaps and products guarding skin against sunlight, impurities and dryness. Sea Buckthorn Oil can also strengthen hair and is therefore utilized in shampoos, conditioners and haircare products that aim to restore damaged hair.

Try our After Sun Skincare preparation with Sea Buckthorn Berry Extract this summer. It's easy quick and your skin will love you! You will need a bowl, whisk and the following ingredients:

50ml Coconut MCT Oil

20ml Aloe Vera Gel

1ml Sea Buckthorn Berry Extract

First combine the Sea Buckthorn Berry Extract and Coconut MCT Oil in the bowl gently using the whisk. Once combined, add in the Aloe Vera Gel and mix all of the ingredients together in the bowl. If you do not have the Aloe Vera Gel you could use one and a half tablespoons of Yogurt instead. Apply the Aftersun Skincare preparation to the skin using your fingertips or a brush and allow it to sink into the skin. If you switched for the yogurt, rinse the preparation off after 10-15 minutes. Store any of the remaining preparation in the refrigerator for use the following day!


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