Hello and welcome! It's our utmost pleasure to procure and provide the highest quality and most therapeutic botanical essences. Every oil in our collection is extremely special to us, a vivid extraction of botanical excellence * a powerful healer offering molecular miracles * an aromatic expression of an exotic place and time * an alluring note in a natural perfume * a sensual scent in a loving massage oil * a bright spark of biological brilliance bursting forth from our diffuser! We honor all the oils in our collection as majestic gifts of nature's healing essence to be lovingly shared with you!

Good Relationships Come Naturally
We value our relationships with each of our distillers. We are so proud to highlight the careful craftsmanship of these artisans, the wizards behind our magical plant essences. We only work with distillers who uphold the commitment to work in accordance with nature to sustainably produce wonderful healing plant essences brimming with bioactive compounds. Whether by organic growing practices or by responsible consciencious wild gathering, our botanical collection affirms our standards of purity and quality from their natural inception.

Exclusively Miron Violet Glass
In accordance with our dedication to offering the most bioactive botanicals, we've chosen to package all of our botanical oil selection in the most protective glass bottles on the market, Swiss-made violet Miron glass. Miron violet glass blocks the complete spectrum of visible (degrading) light. At the same time, it allows a small, invisible part of the spectrum of light (UVa and far-infrared) to permeate the glass. These invisible wavelengths of light have been proven to enhance the freshness and integrity of natural contents stored within Miron violet glass.

To learn more about innovative Miron violet glass, follow this link!

Fitted Cap Reducers
Essential oils have varying levels of viscosity and the right reducer cap facilitates a pleasant and precise essential oil experience. Your essential oil selections will come fitted with the appropriate cap reducer. This will administer a single drop at a time from the orifice reducer and eliminate unintended oil from pouring out of the bottle. We have purchased many essential oils over the years from sellers that did not give attention to this important detail and we know how easily 1 drop can turn into 5, or more. Our fitted cap reducers make essential oil blending easy and accurate and there will be more blending fun to be had because the oils will be correctly dispensed. 

Temperature Controlled Storage
Our botanical oil collection is stored in glass in a dark, temperature controlled environment, kept at an ideal and consistent temperature. This ensures you are receiving the freshest oils and body care items possible!