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We realize the highly valuable and precious quality of our botanical oil collection, which is why we exclusively package your oils in the most advanced protective glass on the market, Miron violet glass. Many of our other handmade body care products are also carefully packaged in protective Miron violet glass dispensers. Miron Violet Glass is designed to be the superior choice for preservation of natural materials. In addition to being the state-of-the-art method of storage for essential oils, Miron Violet Glass is exceptionally attractive with a beautiful deep purple color.

Miron Violet Glass' dark purple color blocks the complete spectrum of visible, degrading light. At the same time, it allows a small, invisible part of the violet light spectrum to permeate the glass. Part of the larger band of Ultraviolet light, these non-visible light rays, known as UVa and far infrared, are responsible for impeding the growth of bacteria, mold and pathogens within Miron glass.

This combination of light rays is the genius behind violet glass, offering optimal protection against the ageing process that is released by visible light, thereby lengthening durability and potency of products held within it. That's right!! You can store your Miron packaged oils anywhere, even in direct sunlight, and they will always be supremely preserved and astonishingly nurtured by the protection given by Miron glass.

Dr. Hugo Niggli and Dr. Max Bracher confirmed this scientifically by performing an experimental biophotonic test on storage stability of chives stored for 60 days in three types of glass - Miron violet, amber and clear, both in and out of sunlight. Biophotonic testing measures the characteristics of light on food production, pharmacy, bio-tech and medicine. With the help of light, images of microscopically small processes within living cells can be observed quickly and undisturbed.

moron violet glass chive biophotonic analysis

Biophotonic analysis confirms that the level of vital life force is outstandingly higher in the samples contained in violet glass compared to those stored in amber and traditional clear glass. The difference is clearly visible between the preservation quality of each type of glass in the photographs after 60 days.

Almost identical observations were found in samples stored in Miron Violet Glass, with those in a dark room showing the most freshness and those stored in sun-exposed areas showing similar preservation. The conclusion made above in the chives study were also confirmed in four additional spices: parsley, dill, paprika and laurel; by analyses of their odors and biophotonic measurements.