Citron A Prized Original Citrus

Did you know Citron is one of three original ancestral citrus types that have been hybridized over the years to create most modern cultivated citrus species? The citron has been farmed since ancient times, as far back as 5,000 years ago in Sumer, predating the cultivation of other citrus. Traditionally Citron has been prized and used in cuisine, folk medicines, elixirs, perfumery, religious ritual and offerings. Today, hybrids of citrons with other citrus are more commercially available, most notably lemons and key lime.

The citron fruit, also called etrog and cedrate, could be mistaken for a giant lemon with wrinkly rind. The fruit is similar to lemon but with less acidic and drier flesh and peels that are much more thick and very fragrant. Citrons are almost all aromatic peel and practically no fruit pulp and that's what makes them so special.

For many centuries, citron's fragrant essential oil has been extracted from these zesty fruits to be used in perfume. Citron oil's aroma is similar to lemon only much more complex with a unique sweet tartness that only citron posseses. It's unique scent has particular importance in the yearly religious celebration Feast of Booths or Sukkot and the fruit is a symbol of the harvest festival holiday.

Perfumers seek out citron essential oil for a unique bright and pleasing top note in fragrance and cosmetics formulation. Citron oil also has aromatherapy value, comprised mostly of limonene, a monoterpene which has shown beneficial effects in health. We source our rare citron essential oil from Italy where it is steam distilled from sustainably grown fruits. The Mediterranean climate is ideal for citrus cultivation and Italy is home to the world's most celebrated citron. It is thought that the Citron was first spread to this region in the 4th century BC from India. 

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With the assistance of Google, the other two primary species of citrus are Pomelo and Mandarin. Pomelo is the largest of the citrus fruits and is similar to grapefruit. It is still eaten in Southeast Asia. Thanks for helping me to learn something new today!

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