Clementine Essential Oil Sweet and Uplifting!

Produced from prized organic Italian clementine fruits, our Clementine Essential Oil is cold pressed from fresh peels of Citrus clementina fruits. The Mediterranean climate and growing conditions yield supremely large, brilliant orange, high quality clementine fruits.

A tantalizing top note for natural botanical perfumes and colognes. Try combining this buzzy Clementine essence with florals, eau-de-cologne, chypre, fougere, gourmand aromas and more.

Clementines are juicy and sweet and much less acidic than orange. The fruit is a hybrid between Sweet Orange and Mediterranean Mandarin and the essential oil possesses a unique sweet smooth orange like aroma with delicate hints of lemon.

High levels of immune loving limonene in addition to alpha pinene, give Clementine the natural ability to uplift and energize. The presence of linalool and other terpenes can also give Clementine tranquil grounding effects when inhaled.

Diffuse Clementine essential oil in the home or work space. Refresh your environment. Try our wonderfully relaxing Clementine Unwind Diffuser Blend in your diffuser or nebulizer....recipe below! Clementine Oil would also be a very cheery choice for a personal inhaler.

Clementine Unwind Diffuser Blend

6 drops Clementine Essential Oil

2 drops Lavender Essential Oil

1 drop Cape Chamomile Essential Oil

Happy diffusing!

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