Easy Aromatherapy Inhalation with Eucalyptus Oil

Experience the benefits of Eucalyptus essential oil by way of aroma therapeutic inhalation methods. Inhalation offers benefits to airways and lungs by decongesting and toning of the respiratory system and relief of sinus issues or headache. In addition, inhalation is utilized in Aromatherapy to deliver molecules of the essential oil directly to the olfactory system to stimulate the body and uplift the mind via the limbic system.

One of our go to essential oils for inhalation is Eucalyptus radiata! Pleasant Eucalyptus radiata essential oil is considered the most popular eucalyptus among Aromatherapists. Eucalyptus radiata can support a healthy respiratory system and is also camphor free, making it more gentle and therefore more appropriate for use around children and elders.

Inhalation of essential oils for Aromatherapy can be achieved by a number of methods. Typically, essential oils are inhaled with the use of personal inhaler, diffuser or nebulizer. However, you can also perform effective inhalations at home without these tools by simply adding the essential oil to a lightly boiling pot of water on the stove top. For this method, the standard amount is 5-10 drops of essential oil to each ounce of water. Allow the vapor to fill the room and enjoy!

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