Festive Clove Diffuser Blend

Our organic Clove Bud Extract is naturally CO2 processed using only the flower buds - no stems - of premium Madagascar Cloves. A sweet, clean and characteristically spicy clove oil. Compared with steam distilled clove, Clove Bud CO2 Extract is more complete, viscous yet workable and complex with lower phenolic compounds. For aromatic purposes, Clove CO2 Extract is the superior choice.

An inspiring essence that stimulates the mind. Clove Bud is found in floral perfumes, especially carnation, gourmand, oriental and other other perfume types. Clove Bud CO2 Extract offers a rich and full bodied clove aroma that is smoother and softer than steam distilled clove with sweet hints of caramelized fruits.

Clove Extract is utilized in Aromatherapy to assist the body with digestive issues, circulation, pain relief, detoxification and reduced inflammation. Remember the Clove Extract needs to be highly diluted to less than 1% for topical ointment, compress or massage oil. Clove Bud can be a skin allergen if used improperly.

High eugenol content makes Clove Extract highly antiseptic and one of the essential oils with the highest antioxidant capability. Clove Oil can be directly inhaled from the bottle or added to a nebulizer or diffuser with other essential oils. Great to use in diffuser blends in low concentrations during cold and flu season. Clove combines wonderfully with other spice and citrus oils, bay laurel, clary sage, lavender, patchouli, peppermint, rose, rosemary, vanilla and more!

Try our Festive Clove Diffuser Blend in your diffuser or nebulizer....recipe below!

Festive Clove Diffuser Blend

6 drops Sweet Orange Essential Oil

3 drops Bergamot Essential Oil

1 drop Clove CO2 Extract

1 drop Vanilla CO2 Extract - We have several to choose from!

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