Forest Bathing Diffuser Recipe with Greenland Moss

Replicate the positive effects of Forest bathing with essential oils! Trees naturally release organic compounds called terpenes into the air to protect them from insects and disease. Terpenes are also found in essential oils and contribute significantly to the benefits of forest bathing. While nothing can quite replace the full sensual experience of being in nature, it is possible to invoke the healing of the forest by using essential oils in your home.

Our certified organic Greenland Moss essential oil is rich in monoterpenes, a class of terpenes with antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. They are beneficial for the respiratory system and work to sanitize the air in addition to elevating the mood and increased energy levels. The most bountiful monoterpene in our Greenland Moss oil is Sabinene, a free radical scavenger antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. The oil also contains notable levels of beta-pinene, one of the most abundant compounds released naturally by forest trees.

Experience the benefits of Greenland Moss with topical Aromatherapy applications and inhalation. A great choice for steam shower, hot steam towel treatment or warm compress. The sweet leaves of Greenland Moss have traditionally been used in teas by Native Americans for their pleasant flavor and health benefits. Greenland Moss is a beautifully complex forest note for natural perfumery. A Fresh, green and herbal essence due to the rich array of monoterpenes.

Our essential oil is produced in a facility located in the middle of the Boreal Forest in Canada, granting this lucky distiller direct access to an abundance of superior quality, fresh organic plant material. Try our Boreal Forest Blend in your diffuser or nebulizer for a Canadian forest bathing experience right in your home! A combination of Boreal essences to help boost mood, rejuvenate energy, improve clear thinking and bring a sense of physical relaxation and comfort.

Boreal Forest Blend

4 drops Greenland Moss essential oil

2 drops Balsam Fir essential oil

2 drops Black Spruce essential oil

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