Galangal - Even Better Than Ginger for Aromatherapy and Perfume?

Can you name a sweet rooty gourmand aroma that could be even more appealing than ginger for aromatherapy and botanical perfume? We are talking about Galangal, a medicinal herb used throughout Asian and Indian cuisine in jelly, curries, teas and more. It looks similar to ginger but posseses a unique aroma and flavor. The aromatic rhizomes of Galangal are valued for their sweet spicy flavor, perfume like scent and benefits for the body.

Our Galangal Essential Oil is derived in Indonesia by steam distillation of fresh organically cultivated rhizomes of true Galangal Alpinia galanga also known as Siam ginger. Galangal is closely related to cardamom and shares similar cineole top notes, useful for respiratory support. As the Galangal root oil's aroma unfurls, fresh camphor gives way to a rich undertone of interesting candied fruit and smooth sweet roots notes.

Galangal has traditionally been used as an herbal remedy to support the overall health of the body. It is reported that Ancient Southeast Asian herbalists imbibed the juice of galangal roots with lime to create a tonic beverage for wellness. In aromatherapy, galangal is mostly utilized for it's stimulant and digestive effects. It is also noted for massage blends. Remeber to dilute properly into a carrier oil of your choice for therapeutic topical applications.

Fresh and earthy, the aroma of Galangal Root Oil smells like a combination of cardamom and ginger with hints of saffron. Galangal is tuly an intriguing essence for natural perfumery, try including it in gourmand or incense perfumes. Put a new spin on your formulas and switch ginger for galangal root. The pleasing scent of galangal combines well with the fragrances of cardamom, cedarwood, chamomile, cinammon, clove, cypress, eucalyptus, frankincense, guaiacwood, ho wood, juniper berry, labdanum, laurel, lavender, lime, marjoram, myrrh, patchouli, palmarosa, pine, pink peppercorn, rose, rosewood, sage sandalwood, spikenard, sugandha kokila, vanillla or vetiver.


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