Summer Flower Perfume with Steam Distilled Lemon

The juicy aroma of steam distilled whole organic lemon fruits is supremely uplifting and much less tart than pressed citrus oils. There is so much to love about this unique effervescent lemon steam distillation! Produced from organic Italian lemons, Lemon is a mood boosting essential oil also shown to purify the air by reducing microbes when diffused.

A classic top note in perfumery, lemon's freshness compliments many perfume types including eau de cologne, floral, gourmand and more. Lemon essential oil blends well with almost every other oil. Here is a simple and elegant natural perfume recipe featuring our organic steam distilled Lemon oil. For the heart note, choose between the flower essences we have suggested or substitute with your own favorite floral.

Summer Flower Perfume

Combine all oils into 5ml Jojoba oil or perfumer's alcohol and shake well to combine. Store your natural perfume in a protective violet Miron glass bottle. Apply to wrists, pulse points or sweep through the hair. Enjoy the pleasing scent of Summer Flower.

Common citrus oils are cold pressed from the peels of the fruits since this process produces quality essential oils and a dramatically larger yield. For this reason, pressed citrus oils exhibit the tart notes of the peel and often there is vastly higher concentrations of bergapten, the chemical compound which makes pressed citrus oils phototoxic or irritating to the skin when exposed to direct sunlight.

A much better choice for topical Aromatherapy and skincare application, steam distilled whole Lemon has significantly low levels of bergapten. Always remember to follow proper dilution guidelines for topical applications.

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