Sweet Orange Organic All Purpose Cleaner Recipe

With a refreshing and uplifting scent as well as abundance of constituents shown to be effective against unwanted microbes, sweet orange essential oil has all the cleansing qualities that make a great multipurpose cleaner. Sweet orange essential oil has shown to be particularly effective at cutting through grease and grime, and as a result this oil works wonders in the kitchen. Try our All Purpose Cleaner Recipe below featuring delightful Sweet Orange oil!

It is important to use the proper dilution rate because essential oils are extremely concentrated and a little goes a very long way. A general guideline for dilution rate of essential oils in cleaning products is 3%. So for every fluid ounce of liquid, or 2 tablespoons of dry product, add 18 drops of essential oil. You can always go lighter for a more mildly scented cleaning and it is a good idea to perform a spot clean in an inconspicuous spot before general application.

Sweet Orange Organic All Purpose Cleaner

Fill a 32oz. spray bottle with water followed by 2 tablespoons castile soap and 10-20 drops organic Sweet Orange essential oil. Give it a gentle shake to mix and you're ready to safely and effectively clean a variety of surfaces. Sweet Orange helps make everyday chores an absolute joy!

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