The Many Uses of Peppermint Oil

There have been thousands of scientific studies pertaining to the many uses of peppermint oil as a natural remedy. Long considered a tonic for the brain, peppermint is a go to essential oil with an affinity for the mind. Peppermint is peppy, mentally restorative and refreshing. Use 5 drops in the diffuser to experience the benefits!

Peppermint oil is an invigorating travel companion and can be utilized to maintain alertness, help calm the nerves or relieve headache by inhaling the oil directly from the bottle. In addition to its benefits for the mind, peppermint oil can assist the body by settling upset stomach and more. The oil also has antiseptic properties and inhalation can support healthy, clear breathing.

Used in warm compress, peppermint has a slight analgesic effect on the body. Diluted into oil, peppermint oil is delightful for topical applications. Include into a reviving massage oil, the cooling peppermint oil will soothe muscles and joints. For a tingly scalp massage, add a drop of peppermint oil into your shampoo. Or mix peppermint essential oil properly with Aloe vera for an after sun treatment.

We source premium certified organic Peppermint oil from France. Steam Distilled from the vibrant leaves of organic peppermint in full early bloom for the peak levels of menthol found at this time. Remarkably, nearly one pound of peppermint leaves must be used to extract just one single 10 ml bottle of our essential oil. 

French peppermint oil is fine, fragrant and sweet. A fantastic addition to the natural medicine cabinet! We also offer organic Willamette Valley Peppermint essential oil produced in the U.S.A. also known for its exceptional peppermint. 

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