Three Uses for Borneo Camphor Essential Oil

Borneo Camphor, also known as Sumatran camphor, is derived from a tall evergreen tree native to southern Asia that naturally exudes a fragrant resin. To craft our true 'oil of camphor' the resin of these gigantic wild trees is carefully harvested from the producers property and processed by steam distillation. Borneo camphor has a long history of medicinal use in addition to being highly sought after in the production of perfumes and incenses.

Inhalation: Borneo camphor is a potent antiseptic and can be used in a diffuser or nebulizer to purify the air in your environment. Benefits of Borneo Camphor inhalations include easing headache, toning the respiratory system and soothing away stress in the mind and body. Try adding a drop or two of Borneo Camphor essential oil to a steamy shower floor!

Topical Use: Dilute into Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil or your favorite Carrier Oil at a 1-5% dilution. Lower dilutions are better for applications over longer periods of time and the higher dilution best for short term treatments. The blended Borneo Camphor oil is used in topical Aromatherapy for analgesic preparations for inflammation, muscle tension, joint stiffness, swelling and rheumatic pain.

Perfumery: The fresh bright aroma of Borneo Camphor is a popular ingredient in Arabic perfumery. Utilize this potent essence to amplify or modify other notes. Try this simple and beautiful perfume recipe featuring Borneo Camphor!

Combine oils with 5ml Jojoba oil or perfumer's alcohol into a Miron glass bottle. Top the cap of your choice. We recommend our wonderful glass ball roller caps for oil based perfumes. Shake to combine. Apply to wrists or pulse points or sweep through the hair.

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