Turmeric Oil Brimming with Bioactive Compounds!

Turmeric Oil is derived from the turmeric root, a superfood and predominant spice in Indian and Asian cooking and medicine. Our Turmeric Oil is carefully extracted from organic turmeric roots using CO2 technology yielding an oil with a fuller spectrum of constituents compared to steam distilled turmeric essential oils. Curcumin is the most studied active compound of turmeric, but there is more and more evidence to suggest that there are other constituents present in turmeric root that also posses anti-inflammatory properties and other health promoting benefits.

The beneficial components in Turmeric Oil can be experienced by topical application of the oil. Utilize topical applications in combination with ingesting Turmeric root to deliver extra anti-inflammatory support to the body and more! Try this simple and effective Ready to Use Turmeric Oil Recipe, it's a therapeutic addition to body massage oil and can be applied directly to the skin, sore muscles or stiff joints.

What you will need:

50ml Miron Miron Glass bottle - We love our Miron bottles with pump top for this application, however we have several bottle top styles to choose from.

2.5ml Turmeric Root Oil

47.5ml Jojoba Oil


Carefully combine Turmeric Oil and Jojoba Oil into the Miron glass bottle and seal with the cap. Give the bottle a gentle shake to combine and it is ready for topical use! 

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