What Makes Our Greenland Moss So Special?

Did you know Greenland Moss was at the top of the list of healing plants utilized by indigenous peoples in Canada for its therapeutic value? Rich in bioactive molecules, such as the monoterpene sabinene which has been shown to have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory actions and to prevent muscular atrophy.

Greenland Moss, also known as Labrador Tea, is an amazing evergreen shrub with leaves that stay green even in the Canadian snow. A regenerative powerhouse, these shrubs are also able to withstand forest fire by readily resprouting.

The plant material utilized to craft our organic essential oil is responsibly gathered using a strict protocol. The Greenland Moss is harvested by hand from only 50% of the aerial surface of the plant. Harvesting is done in rotation in different areas so each area is only visited once every three years to prevent any possibility of over harvesting.

Our Greenland Moss Essential Oil is derived using a slow, temperature controlled steam distillation with  filtered artesian well water. To make this Greenland Moss essential oil even more special, dynamic distillation methods are employed to recirculate the hydrosol through the plant material. This additional step allows molecular enrichment of the terpenes of the oil.

With it's beautiful fragrance of the forest floor among subtle floral peppery notes and it’s fantastic benefits, Greenland Moss has quickly become one of our favorite essential oils. Try combining it with Bergamot Essential Oil and applying to the soles of the feet for an uplifting experience!


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