Agarwood (Aquilaria crassna) Organic Essential Oil

  • Agarwood (Aquilaria crassna) Organic Essential Oil

Agarwood (Aquilaria crassna) Organic Essential Oil


Vietnamese Oud is recognized as some of the best quality available in the world. This pure natural oud oil is distilled from the aromatic resin saturated heartwood, known as agarwood, derived from Aquilaria crassna trees aged over 15 years. These trees have been organically cultivated in Veitnam by families dedicated to the sustainable production of this legendary essential oil.

Agarwood is the highly sought after and rare, heavily scented resinous heartwood of a variety of aquilaria tropical evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia. Valued as a fragrance material and herbal medicine, agar wood has been used since ancient times, burned as incense in ceremonies and crafted into oil for perfumery.

Made up of over 250 compounds, the chemical composition of oud makes it a very unique material.

The long lasting aroma of our Vietnamese oudh is luxurious, sacred, woody and refined with smooth eaglewood tops notes sailing over deep tenacious sophisticated sandalwood like undertone. A stand out base note fixative for natural perfume and fragrance formulation or to treasure all on its own! Makes a gorgeous Unisex perfume all on its own. Long lasting on the skin.

Botanical Name: Aquilaria crassna
Plant Part: Resin saturated heartwood 
Extraction Process: Steam Distillation
Quality: 100% pure and natural
Origin: Vietnam