Sea Buckthorn Fruit Pulp (Hippophae rhamnoides) Organic CO2 Extract

  • Sea Buckthorn Fruit Pulp (Hippophae rhamnoides) Organic CO2 Extract

Sea Buckthorn Fruit Pulp (Hippophae rhamnoides) Organic CO2 Extract


Freshly produced Sea Buckthorn Fruit Pulp full spectrum extract is a silky dream come true! Rich and aromatic! This semi-solid, lipid rich, skin saving single ingredient salve is a must have in the natural apothecary and home spa. A powerhouse of carotenoids, alkanols, tocopherols, sterols and so much more! 

Combine with our organic Raspberry Seed Oil diluted to 1% for use in the sun. It can help to repair damaged skin and mucous membranes, making this an excellent after sun skincare. Used for wound healing and fading of scars. Very concentrated, best used in dilution to avoid temporary staining of the skin. Can also be applied to the skin with no dilution, full strength for sun burn, eczema and other skin conditions. Use full strength for intensive skincare needs.

Extremely rich in palmitoleic acid, which is rarely found in plant oils. Palmitoleic acid is a monounsaturated fat that provides numerous, unique health benefits. It is an important building block of skin lipids and works to speed skin regeneration and healing. Simply add to creams and lotions, use for its rich orange coloring and extensive skin benefits in lotions, soaps, skin care creams, face masks and more! Boundless uses and the scent is divine!

Produced by supercritical fluid extraction with natural carbon dioxide yielding a pure Sea Buckthorn extract completely free of solvent residues, inorganic salts or heavy metals. Our extract is food grade quality and is commonly used in food and food supplements. Tested for purity, COA available with purchase.

  • Botanical Latin Name: Hippophae rhamnoides
  • Extraction Method: CO2 Extract Full Spectrum
  • Part of Plant Distilled: Berries 
  • Country of Origin: Bulgaria
  • Cultivation Method: Organic