Agarwood (Aquilaria subintegra) Oud Essential Oil Wildcrafted Rare Vintage 2014

  • pure, natural, ethically sourced, wildcrafted, Vintage 2014, Agarwood Oud Aquilaria subintegra steam distilled essential oil, packaged in protective, authentic, miron violet glass bottle, with euro dropper cap.

Agarwood (Aquilaria subintegra) Oud Essential Oil Wildcrafted Rare Vintage 2014


Aquilaria subintegra one of the most rare types of Agarwood to be used in the making of Oud. Indeed one of the finest and best scented sources of Oud oil. Our pure Aquilaria subintegra oil is distilled from naturally grown wildcrafted Aquilaria subintegra trees that are 50 years or older! Produced in 2014 this is a beautifully aged vintage extraction of Aquilaria subintegra that will only improve with time.

The heartwood is naturally soaked and saturated with dark, rich resin that has been able to develop and mature naturally, in the wild with no human intervention. This is becoming unheard of and makes this particular oud a very valuable and expensive commodity. Our Aquilaria subintegra oil is the most universally liked type of Oud given the greatest response and amazing reviews! It is made with the finest wild resinous wood from the wilds of Thailand. A must have for the oud collector!

There are many ways to enjoy our pure Oud oils. Oud Essential Oil is indeed an aromatherapy, and can be enjoyed by everyone. The benefits that are involved with Oud are vast, ranging from psychoactive and spiritual, to therapeutic and medicinal. Great with meditation or yoga. It is a highly sought material in perfumery and fragrance making. Oud fragrances can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Apply the oil to clothing, bedding or pillows for a long lasting scent. Create your own unique Oud perfumes and fragrances. The possibilities are endless, ancient and mystic.

Botanical Latin Name: Aquilaria subintegra
Origin: Thailand
Shelf life: Gets better with age and will last indefinitely.
Process: Steam distilled
Plant Part: Oleo soaked Resin / Wood
Cultivation: Wildcrafted
Use: Aromatherapy, Meditation, Natural Perfumery: Base Note, Excellent Fixative.
Aroma: Deep, woody, earthy, musky-warm animalic aroma with hints of deep cherry kola and vanilla.

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