Juniper, Rocky Mountain (Juniperus scopulorum) Essential Oil

  • Juniper, Rocky Mountain (Juniperus scopulorum) Essential Oil

Juniper, Rocky Mountain (Juniperus scopulorum) Essential Oil


Our Rocky Mountain Juniper Berry Essential Oil is sourced from rare juniper trees growing high on the Mogollon Rim of the Arizona desert at elevations greater than 7000 feet above seal level! This unique juniper berry is gathered with special permission by an experienced master distiller.

This wild desert essence is not to be missed. Its invigorating scent could be described as warm and fresh, with soft camphor and pops of citrus notes. An aroma that is rejuvenating, cleansing and elevating. Use a few drops of our Rocky Mountain Juniper Essential Oil in your diffuser to create a majestic feeling of peace. Awesome!

Rocky Mountain Juniper Essential Oil has great natural therapeutic qualities with the most notable being antirheumatic, antiarthritic and analgesic. Our Juniper Essential Oil can be utilized to increase circulation and alleviate cramping, joint pain or stiffness. Dilute properly for topical applications.

Juniper Essential Oil is used in perfumery for it's sweet fresh notes in amber perfumes, fougere, chypre and after-shave and cologne to name a few. Labdanum and oakmoss are great fixatives for Juniper Berry Oil. Rocky Mountain Juniper Berry blends wonderfully with fir, cypress, balsam, clary sage, lovage, benzoin, pine, citrus, spices and more.

  • Botanical Latin Name: Juniperus scopulorum  
  • Country of Origin: United States, Arizona 
  • Plant Parts: Berries 
  • Cultivation Method: Wild 
  • Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled 

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