Orris Root Organic Essential Oil

  • Orris Root Organic Essential Oil

Orris Root Organic Essential Oil


Fine orris root aged to perfection. This extraordinary organic distillation is extracted from the roots of the Iris, with 15% irones and blends seamlessly into both alcohol and oils! Organic Moroccan roots are aged for minimum 3 years producing the deepest, creamy and most beautiful orris root extract ever! Due to the unique supercritical CO2 process used to derive our Orris Root Essential Oil, this is a mobile oil that is ready to use. An all time favorite expression of the aged orris root. Orris root and violet absolute are two of the most indispensable powdery notes in perfumery.

  • Botanical Latin Name: Iris germanica var. florentina
  • Extraction Method: Supercritical CO2 extract
  • Part of Plant Distilled: Rhizomes 
  • Country of Origin: Morocco
  • Cultivation Method: Organic 15% irones

A note on CO2 Extraction: Hypercritical Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Extractions were developed for the flavor industry using liquid CO2, a harmless solvent, and offer a quality that is different than essential oils. CO2 extraction produces interesting extracts that are less volatile than essential oils and embody a fuller spectrum of the raw material. Turmeric, for example, yields a CO2 extract that smells very close to the aroma of fresh grated turmeric root and exhibiting more of turmeric's rich vibrant orange color. Compared to absolutes, CO2 extracts are lighter and do not contain any traces of solvents making them more suitable for aromatherapy and flavoring purposes.

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