Revive Aromatherapy Essentials Blend - 100% Pure Essential Oils

  • Revive Aromatherapy Essentials Blend - 100% Pure Essential Oils

Revive Aromatherapy Essentials Blend - 100% Pure Essential Oils


Our Revive Essentials is a blend of cleansing Tea Tree and Citrus oils with uplifting Silver Fir and zesty Cilantro leaf. A zippy essential oil blend to invite in fresh new energy... impart a sense of fun and brightness into stale and dull places... cleanse away impurities in the air... Revive!

Revive Essentials Blend is an all natural way to bring a pleasing and clean aroma into the home or office with the additional bonus of healing aromatherapeutic properties of essential oils. Clean smells make us happy, give us a boost and support the desire to maintain a clean environment!!

The Revive Essentials Blend is made from 100% pure essential oils. The essential oils contained within have potent anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties that actually purify the air. They do not just mask the smell of stale air or unpleasant odors like candles or other air fresheners do.

Add several drops to a diffuser, nebulizer or Himalayan salt pipe and inhale to experience the benefits of the Revive Essential Oil Blend.

Lemon - Bright Lemon essential oil cleanses impurities from the air. Lemon is also mentally energizing and has been shown to improve mood.

Lime - The fresh tart aroma of lime brings cheer to any space and, similar to Lemon, has the ability to purify the air in your home.

Tea Tree - Tea Tree is a revitalizing essential oil with powerful purifying properties. Useful around the home to freshen, deodorize and support a healthy living space.

Silver Fir - Silver fir is an inspiring essential oil with a sweet forest aroma. A beautifully effective oil for brightening the mood and supporting respiratory health.

Cilantro Leaf - A joyful hint of cilantro leaf. Cilantro leaf is zesty and supports the antiseptic quality of this blend.