Tonka Bean (Dipteryx odorata) Absolute

  • Tonka Bean (Dipteryx odorata) Absolute

Tonka Bean (Dipteryx odorata) Absolute


Creamy, buttery caramel, rich, vanilla-like dream!! For use in exquisite perfumery and as a fixative in aromatherapy blends and creations. The beans used in our skillfully crafted absolute are grown in the wilds of Brazil, and carefully extracted using a hexane free process in france.

The scent is divinely delicious!

A note on absolutes: Absolutes are highly concentrated aromatic materials. Their aroma is best observed in alcohol or carrier oil. Try diluting into one of our premium carrier oils or into alcohol at 5%, 10% or 20% and see how the scent will subtley change.

Botanical Name: Dipteryx odorata
Extraction Method: Absolute
Part of Plant Distilled: Beans
Country of Origin: Brazil, processed in France
Cultivation Method: Wild
Scent Description: Rich and tenacious, with herby notes of vanilla cream, tobacco and caramel.