Vanilla, Tahiti (Vanilla tahitensis) Organic CO2 Extract

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  • Vanilla, Tahiti (Vanilla tahitensis) Organic CO2 Extract

Vanilla, Tahiti (Vanilla tahitensis) Organic CO2 Extract

Temporarily Out of Stock

For the Vanilla lover, the vanilla connoisseur, the vanilla obsessed, the perfect perfumer and the vanilla junkie. This is an exquisite, very rare, high quality plant extraction from the French-Polynesian island paradise of Tahiti. It is a Total Select Supercritical CO2 Extract of the highest order. The batches are tiny and occasionally there are years with zero batches produced. A rarity on the world market. Because of its extreme rarity, Tahitian Vanilla is never sold at in inexpensive price.

Tahitian Vanilla posses a delectable aroma that is floral with tones of ripe tropical fruit, creamy sweet vanilla. It is subtle yet somehow so powerful - our most precious of precious vanillas, one sniff and you will understand why. we find ourselves returning to this vanilla, it is addictive, slightly boozy, and has rich flora rum and sultana notes. This fine CO2 extract of Tahitian vanilla perfectly captures the fragrance of the stunning cured pods themselves. It has strong fixative qualities and very long lasting on the skin.

The scent of this fine extraction is less tobacco like, less animalic, and not as woody as many other Vanilla planifolia CO2 extractions on the market. THIS rare Tahitian Vanilla is almost perfumey-sweet, mouthwatering deliciously scented of baked goods, and tropical island vanilla.

Tahitian Vanilla pods are unique in the world of vanilla for having a higher level of heliotropin. Making this Vanilla CO2 the best for the finest skincare formulations.

Plant Name: Vanilla tahitensis
Botanical Family: Orchidaceae
Extraction Method: Select extract by supercritical extraction
Cultivation Method: Certified Organic
Part of Plant Distilled: Beans and Pods
Country of Origin: Tahiti
Scent: Heavenly bakery sweet vanilla bean, long lasting, elegant perfumey
Blends Well With: almost anything.