Essential Oils for Purification and Cleansing Energy

It is time to cleanse away 2020! As we celebrate the culmination of this year and make preparations for the new one, we would like to highlight the best essential oils for purification and energy cleansing purposes.

White Sage Essential Oil (Salvia apiana)

Sacred White Sage has been utilized for millenia for smudging, the Native American tradition of burning sage herb in order to clear space for ceremony. Our White Sage Essential Oil is a one of a kind Vintage 2007 wildcrafted distillation of White Sage leaves ethically gathered in coastal California. A quintessentially cleansing and protective essence, include White Sage essential oil in your diffuser, steam shower, annointing oil or as an air freshener.

Black Copal Essential Oil (Protium grandifolium)

Magical Black Copal, one of the finest ceremonial incenses from around the world. Traditionally the resin is burned to create a connection to the divine and in celebration of the Day of the Dead. It is less commonly found as an essential oil. The aroma of Black Copal is unique, ethereal, vibrant, bright and resinous with pine like undertones. Inhale Black Copal Essential oil or include in annointing oil for a rare mystical experience.

Palo Santo Wood Essential Oil (Bursera graveolens)

Our Palo Santo Wood Oil is produced from naturally fallen aged heartwood of Bursera graveolens in Peru so you can enjoy the aromatic benefits of precious Palo Santo knowing that your oil is ethically sourced. Also known as Holy Wood, Palo Santo is considered a very spiritual essence traditionally used to energetically cleanse spaces by dispelling negativity. Use this meditative oil in the diffuser or applied to the body in proper dilution.

Juniper Berry Essential Oil (Juniperus communis)

The purifying properties of Juniper have been used by many cultures across the globe against negative influences, plague and bad energy. Juniper Berry Essential oil is highly antiseptic with various monoterpenes that also impart it with a signature uplifting and refreshing character. An all around Invigorating essence perfect properly diluted in a rejuvenating bath or for topical aromatherapy, inhalation or room freshener. 

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