Black Copal (Protium grandifolium) Wildcrafted Essential Oil

  • Black Copal (Protium grandifolium) Wildcrafted Essential Oil

Black Copal (Protium grandifolium) Wildcrafted Essential Oil


Magical Black Copal, one of the finest ceremonial incense from around the world. Traditionally the resin is burned to create a connection to the divine and in celebration of the Day of the Dead. It is less commonly found as an essential oil. The aroma of Black Copal Essential Oil is one of a kind, ethereal, vibrant, bright and resinous with pine like undertones. A very lively and complex copal oil, different from other sweeter lighter types of copal. A sacred essence of South America used for meditative states, purification and protection. 

Our Black Copal Essential Oil is sourced from premium quality, dark, heavily scented resin of the wild evergreen tree Protium grandifolium in Western Brazil. The organic resins naturally exude freely from the bark of the tree and crystallize when exposed to the air. The crystallized resins are gently hand gathered and steam extracted by artisan distillers to create this exuberant aromatic essential oil with intriguing subtle light blue black color.

This Copal is something very special! Add this rarity to your collection, for spiritual use or a unique ingredient for the finest perfume and colognes, this copal is superior and limited quantity remains. Use in a diffuser or nebulizer. Black Copal can enhance your meditation and yoga practice or cleanse the energy of yourself and those around you.

  • Botanical Name: Protium grandifolium 
  • Aroma: Bright vibrant resinous
  • Country of Origin: Brazil
  • Plant Parts: Carefully selected high quality resin
  • Cultivation Method: Wild Harvest
  • Method of Extraction: Steam distilled