Mandarin, Red (Citrus reticulata) Organic Essential Oil

  • Mandarin, Red (Citrus reticulata) Organic Essential Oil

Mandarin, Red (Citrus reticulata) Organic Essential Oil


A perfume sweet citrus, Red Mandarin is a tantalizing unique citrus essential oil that is also quite gentle. Red Mandarin is considered one of the most pleasantly fruity and calming citrus oils. This Red Mandarin has interesting rich aromatic notes not found in other types of citrus essences that make it especially useful for the natural perfumer. The essential oil is hand pressed in Italy from ripe organic Red Mandarin fruit peels.

Red Mandarin Essential Oil is a versatile citrus oil that has many uses throughout the day and night. The sweet aroma will absolutely cheer your mood and inspire creativity. A fantastic choice for the diffuser or nebulizer,  mandarin is appropriate for people of many different ages. Red Mandarin will also promote relaxation and better sleep when used before bed. A very popular essential oil, keep this nifty Red Mandarin Oil close to the diffuser you may find yourself using it often!

Citrus oils can be phototoxic. Please understand what this means before using these oils. Use responsibly and follow proper dilution guidelines for topical applications.

  • Botanical Latin Name: Citrus reticulata
  • Extraction Method: Press
  • Plant Part: Peel
  • Cultivation Method: Certified Organic
  • Country of Origin: Italy
  • Blends Well With: Jasmine, Rose Otto, Ylang Ylang , Vanilla, Lemon, Lavender, Frankincense, Myrrh, Eucalyptus, Vetiver, Tuberose