Oakmoss, Green (Evernia prunastri) Absolute

  • Oakmoss, Green (Evernia prunastri) Absolute

Oakmoss, Green (Evernia prunastri) Absolute


Green Yugoslavian Oak moss absolute in organic perfumers alcohol, perfect for precious perfumes and colognes! This is not IFRA compliant oakmoss absolute, it is deeply complex full bodied material of days gone by. Oak Moss is indispensable in the collection of a natural perfumer. A number of well known and popular perfumes of the past owe their unique and alluring scent to this specific type of oak moss absolute. An excellent fixative and base note to take your perfumes and colognes to a new level.

  • Botanical Latin Name: Evernia prunastri
  • Country of Origin: Yugoslavia
  • Cultivation: Wildcrafted
  • Plant Part: Lichen
  • Viscosity: Mobile Liquid 
  • Composition: 80% Green Yugoslavian Oakmoss absolute and 20% organic perfumers alcohol
  • Perfume Note: Base
  • Aroma: Deep Green Damp Mossy Forest

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