Agarwood (Aquilaria agallocha) Oud CO2 Extract Rare

  • rare, pure, natural, ethically sourced, wildcrafted Agarwood Oud Aquilaria agallocha oleo resin soaked heartwood CO2 extracted perfumery extract, packaged in protective, authentic, miron violet glass jar with screw top lid.

Agarwood (Aquilaria agallocha) Oud CO2 Extract Rare


This rare CO2 extraction of the finest, plantation grown Agarwood Aquilaria agallocha trees is pure pleasure! The trees used in this extraction are anywhere between 10 - 30 years old. They are grown on a plantation in Assam, India using ecologically sound growing practices. This is better than organic. The product speaks for itself. One sniff and you'll know it's Oud done right! Apply to the wrists, hair, beard, and linens. Utilize in the finest skincare and perfume or cologne, our Agarwood CO2 Extract provides a powerful fixative effect that is very useful in fine natural fragrance creations, soap making and more. Agarwood is used in some of the most expensive fragrances and perfumes in the world.

Our unique Agarwood CO2 Extract offers a deep woody incense like aroma and animalic musk that can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary in perfumes and fragrance creations. Blends well with spices, precious florals, and resins just to name a few. A very small amount is needed for a profound effect. It is an extremely lasting fixative in perfumery and can enhance the quality and duration of other oils it is blended with. Agarwood Oils have no known analogs making them entirely unique. Nothing else like it on the planet. Different concentrations will yield different experiences. It is safe to use directly on the skin, although a patch test is always recommended.

An Agarwood that supplies endless surprises and gifts! Our rare Oud CO2 Extract is bottled in authentic Miron Violet Glass, the most protective glass available! The Miron packaging is scent proof and will not allow light or oxygen inside if screwed tightly.The shelf life of our Aagarwood CO2 is indefinite, Oud is actually celebrated for how it ages and becomes more valuable over time.

  • Botanical Latin Name: Aquilaria agallocha.
  • Origin: Assam, India
  • Process: CO2 Total Extract
  • Plant Part: Oleo soaked Resin / Wood
  • Cultivation: Plantation grown using ecologically sound practices.

There are many ways to enjoy our pure Agarwood Oils. Agarwood Oud Essential Oil is indeed an aromatherapy, that is not gender specific and can be enjoyed by everyone. The benefits that are involved with Oud are vast, ranging from psychoactive and spiritual, to therapeutic and medicinal. Greatly enhance your meditation or yoga. Agarwood Oils are highly sought material in perfumery and designer Oud fragrances can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

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