Pine Tar, France (Pinus pinaster) Absolute

  • Pine Tar, France (Pinus pinaster) Absolute

Pine Tar, France (Pinus pinaster) Absolute


Smokey, Sweet. Woodsy, Leather. Campfire, matchstick - FIRE!

This versatile, volatile sap of Pinus pinaster is reminiscent of Campfires in the forest, it is smoky sweet with leathery tobacco notes. Quite robust, powerful and penetrating!

Use as a base-note in earthy perfumes, powerful charming colognes, Natural deodorants, soothing skin salves and so much more!

Historically, pine tar has been used as a sealant, natural dandruff remedy or scalp treatment. (proper dilution) a skin salve, and an ingredient in soap. It is still in use for these very reasons today. It is effective and a great natural option.

Pine sap is the thick, sticky resinous fluid that drips from fresh cut pine trees and cones. Pine tar becomes pine pitch when excess moisture is removed.

To make our Pine Tar absolute / Essential Oil, pine tar is collected and steam distilled, and the distillate is separated into hydrosol and the essential oil. 

This Pine Tar absolute is a great addition to any perfumer’s palette of smoky leathery and earthy notes.

  • Botanical Name: Pinus pinaster
  • Plant Part: Pine tar
  • Country of origin: France
  • Cultivation method: Wildcrafted
  • Production Method: Steam distillation
  • Consistency: Medium/thick